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Published 12 Nov, 2018

Prosperity and Growth Strategy Karlstad Region

The strong growth in the Karlstad Region depends on the availability and quality of railway transport services. To reverse the negative development trends in Värmland, first, a high speed railway between Oslo and Stockholm, two of the fastest growing regions in Europe, is needed. Such a railway will create a labor market from Oslo to Stockholm and will help Karlstad improve its comparative competitiveness in relation to other cities of a similar size in e.g. in eastern and southern Sweden. › Read more

Published 10 Oct, 2018

Impacts of CNC corridors in the Baltic Sea Region investigated by TENTacle

The report finalised on September 5 2018, prepared by the TENTacle project, presents a qualitative analysis of economic, social and territorial impacts generated by the implementation of the TEN-T core network corridors (CNCs) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). › Read more

Published 6 Aug, 2018

TENTacle partner informs on New Silk Road

On 21 August, Region Örebro County, in collaboration with the EU-Interreg TENTacle Project, will organize a conference on the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Umeå (Sweden). › Read more

Published 11 Jul, 2018

Transport management system tailored to needs

The contribution of Region Skåne’s and Westpomeranian Region’s know-how to the development of the TEN-T Baltic-Adriatic Corridor › Read more

Published 25 Jun, 2018

Study visit of European Coordinators: Kurt Bodewig and Brian Simpson in Poland and Sweden

The first study visit of two EU coordinators: Prof. Kurt Bodewig (Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor TEN-T) and Brian Simpson (Motorways of the Sea) in Gdynia (11.06.2018) and Karlskrona (12.06.2018) attracted the attention of many stakeholders of both EU projects and the media. › Read more