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Published 22 Feb, 2019

TENTacle Fehmarnbelt Pilot Case discusses final results together with STRING

Joint event by the TENTacle Fehmarnbelt Pilot Case and STRING organization: On the 19 Febraury 2019, Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) as a partner in the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme project invited relevant stakeholders from the Fehmarnbelt catchment for a final discussion on how to prepare now for the future fixed link. The event was co-hosted by the cross-border organization STRING, who sees the tunnel as a key element in establishing one Mega Region spanning from Hamburg to Oslo. › Read more

Published 25 Jan, 2019

Satellite and Drone Data Analyses Take the Development of TEN-T to New Heights

The TENTacle project aims to further improve the planning process and infrastructures measures. One of the pilot cases looked into the feasibility of new technology based on air- or satellite-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar technology (SAR) to take over future measurement tasks of the TEN-T network. By using such means, infrastructure bottlenecks - for example in ports - can be identified more easily and therefore support the improvement of terminals or the development of road and rail networks. › Read more

Published 3 Jan, 2019

Sustainable mobility planning in a shrinking city

Mobility is an important aspect of city planning, including Valga, which by its character is a shrinking city. Planning of such cities is supported by sustainable mobility. The study conducted in Valga by Hendrikson & Ko approached mobility from different aspects (modes of moving) and scales (from international to inner city level). Mobility was analysed both from the perspective of current mobility, but also from the point of view of potential mobility. › Read more

Published 4 Dec, 2018

A new growth corridor in Southeast Finland – future growth hampered by conditions on highway 12?

Lahti Region Economic Development Agency commissioned a study from Taloustutkimus Ltd. which takes a closer look in the urban structure and impacts on the employment of the highway 12 between the cities of Lahti and Kouvola. Highway 12 constitutes another transverse connection in the South of Finland. › Read more

Published 27 Nov, 2018

Stakeholder seminar by the TENTacle project on ‘Long-term use of project results’

At the final stakeholder seminar last week (20–21 November 2018) in Gävle, the project partnership and the interested stakeholders discussed how results of Interreg projects have been and could be used in the future. › Read more