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Macroregional dimension

In the macroregional dimension we will generalise results of the seven regional showcases and analyse win-win opportunities if the core network corridors:

Better serve the northernmost Baltic Sea region areas,
Are interconnected with the transport networks of the Eastern Partnership countries.

Through interfacing with the European Coordinators, transport authorities and administration in the BSR countries and pan-Baltic networks of local, regional and business decision-makers we will deliver policy and action packages:

  • Guiding decision-makers in corridor node/transit areas, corridor catchment areas and corridor void areas on how to capitalise on the core network corridors irrespective of the geographical location;
  • Encouraging stakeholders in and outside the core network corridors to be actively involved in their implementation;
  • Promoting a wider territorial perspective and a multi-actor involvement in national and regional transport policy frameworks;
  • Contributing to enhanced intergovernmental cooperation in the Policy Area Transport of the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region;
  • Facilitating the planning and management of supply chains across the BSR;
  • Benchmarking the BSR as a successful laboratory for implementing the core network corridors through multi-level governance.

Dimension leader: KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Region Blekinge