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Cargo on train.

Corridor catchment areas

TENTacle has two pilot showcases launched in corridor catchment areas, that means areas located in a close distance to one or a few Core Network Corridors.

Blekinge (SE)

Showcase leader: Region Blekinge

Project partners involved: BTH Blekinge Institute of Technology, Municipality of Karlskrona, Port of Karlshamn

How to improve the low accessibility indices of the region?

How to utilise the region’s proximity to all the three CNCs to overcome the disadvantageous development standings and reconcile the needs of the labour market mobility and international transport functions in a sustainable way?

Vidzeme (LV)

Showcase leader: Vidzeme Planning Region

How to trigger and sustain growth impulses in a rural and declining region through an improved access of residents and businesses  to urban centres and transport nodes (incl. seaports) on the North Sea-Baltic Corridor?

How to thereby improve transit location of the region to EE, RU and BY markets?