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Published 12 Apr, 2019

TENTacle is changing the maritime face of Gdynia - Conference summary

The Gdynia port development, important road and railway city investments, as well as the Baltic states integration and the region's connection to the transport corridors network into the European Union - these are the objectives that Gdynia intends to implement in the framework of the TENTacle project. A conference summarizing the project took place in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. › Read more

Published 21 Mar, 2019

Focus on climate and railways! - Final report of the Scandinavian Borderland Pilot Case

The Central Scandinavian Borderland is one out of five pilot cases within the TENTacle project. The proposed strategy will be presented to the Värmland-Østfold Border Council in May 2019. It focuses on the region between the Oslofjord and the Vänern lake in the east, Hedmark county in the north and Bohuslän/Gothenburg in the south. The region falls within the Nordic Triangle, between the capital cities. › Read more

Published 19 Mar, 2019

TEN-T projects conference touts BSR cooperation, underscores the need for more funding and environme

Representatives from three European Union-funded Interreg infrastructure projects held a final review conference on March 6, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium, where they provided recommendations on how to best invest and develop the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) core network corridors in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Panels from the three closely collaborating Interreg BSR Programme projects, NSB CoRe, Scandria®2Act, and TENTacle, along with members of the European Parliament, European Commission, and local elected officials, discussed the successes and challenges of their work. The conference, under the theme of Regions, Corridors and Urban Nodes – Competences, Capitalisation and Cooperation, focused on ways to achieve the goal of creating a sustainable and efficient transport system in the BSR as well as the rest of Europe before the deadline of 2030. › Read more

Published 14 Mar, 2019

Results of the Gdynia urban/transport CNC node Pilot Case published

Gdynia is a key port gateway and an entry and exit hub for the eastern branch of the TEN-T Baltic-Adriatic Corridor (BAC) with its primary transport infrastructure. The railway links form the European Freight Corridor No. 5, the road connections of E-75 and E-77 have the European status, while the maritime stretches compose short sea shipping connections with many Baltic ports as well as an important Motorway of the Sea (MoS) between the ports of Gdynia and Karlskrona. At the same time, Gdynia serves as a key urban node where the last mile TEN-T corridor infrastructure mixes with the infrastructure for regional and local traffic. › Read more

Published 27 Feb, 2019

Brussels to host Baltic Sea Region transport and development review

The three Interreg Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme projects, NSB CoRe, Scandria®2Act, and TENTacle, announced a joint final conference, Regions, Corridors and Urban Nodes – Competences, Capitalisation and Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, to take place on 6 March 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The conference, a showcase of implementing the TEN-T Policy, will highlight the benefits as well as the challenges of infrastructure investments and regional development in the BSR. › Read more