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Published 1 Feb, 2018

Investigation of railway standard for the network north of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T CNC

New TENTacle report on railway data for the northern part of Sweden and Norway conducted. › Read more

Published 12 Jan, 2018

Encouraged cross-border collaboration at the national level

TENTacle project partners presented the project and results from an interview study at VTI Transportforum in Linköping on 10 January 2018. › Read more

Published 5 Jan, 2018

Can the growing West Pomeranian-Scania cross border freight transports meet sustainability demands?

TENTacle report describes the possibilities and challenges, as well as identify what measures would be required, to develop the Scanian-West Pomeranian freight transport link. › Read more

Published 18 Dec, 2017

Multi-level corridor governance: Looking to the past for shaping the future

In supporting the implementation of the TENT-T Core network Corridors in the Baltic Sea Region, TENTacle looked to past corridor project for lessons in multi-level governance. › Read more

Published 10 Nov, 2017

Inclusiveness – a key concept for the TEN-T Core Network Corridor implementation

New TENTacle interview study investigates Baltic Sea Region stakeholders' awareness, expectations and interests of involvement of the CNC implementation process. › Read more