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Published 12 Jan, 2018

Encouraged cross-border collaboration at the national level

TENTacle project partners presented the project and results from an interview study at VTI Transportforum in Linköping on 10 January 2018. › Read more

Published 5 Jan, 2018

Can the growing West Pomeranian-Scania cross border freight transports meet sustainability demands?

TENTacle report describes the possibilities and challenges, as well as identify what measures would be required, to develop the Scanian-West Pomeranian freight transport link. › Read more

Published 18 Dec, 2017

Multi-level corridor governance: Looking to the past for shaping the future

In supporting the implementation of the TENT-T Core network Corridors in the Baltic Sea Region, TENTacle looked to past corridor project for lessons in multi-level governance. › Read more

Published 10 Nov, 2017

Inclusiveness – a key concept for the TEN-T Core Network Corridor implementation

New TENTacle interview study investigates Baltic Sea Region stakeholders' awareness, expectations and interests of involvement of the CNC implementation process. › Read more

Published 17 Oct, 2017

Region Blekinge learns more about making the most of transport development in Europe

The region of Blekinge in southeastern Sweden has studied and highlighted transport-related initiatives, both inside and outside the county, which are important to increase its competitiveness as a bridging area in between three TEN-T core network corridors. › Read more