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Published 11 Jun, 2018

Closer transport/logistics market integration through interoperability

The latest TENTacle report of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University analyses a closer transport and logistics market integration through interoperability between the TEN-T Core Network Corridors and the transport networks of the EU Eastern Partnership Countries › Read more

Published 4 Jun, 2018

Fehmarnbelt Days 2018: It is not only about infrastructure

Good governance and adaptable business models are key to fully exploit the potential of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link › Read more

Published 8 May, 2018

TENTacle at the TEN-T Days 2018

The TENTacle project participated at the TEN-T Days 2018, 25th to 27th April in Ljubljana. › Read more

Published 30 Apr, 2018

Impact of the Fixed Fehmarn Belt Link on the Transport of Ferrous Metals

The new TENTacle report analyses the impact of the Fixed Fehmarn Belt Link on the transport of ferrous metals from Northern to Central Europe. › Read more

Published 30 Apr, 2018

Efficient transports between northern Scandinavia via Örebroregion to the ScanMed corridor

The latest TENTacle report of the Örebro Region analyses the potential of the Örebro area to funnel flows between the northernmost Baltic Sea Region (BSR) territories (Norway/Sweden) and the Scandinavian-Mediterranean (ScanMed) Corridor. › Read more