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Published 8 Jun, 2017

Close cooperation between Poland and China - The New Silk Route

Professor Hu Biliang, director of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Institute, presented at an open meeting on May 25 at the University of Gdansk the founding of the Chinese global initiative, the New Silk Route – ‘One Belt One Road’. Representatives of the City of Gdynia exchanged with Hu Biliang about the Polish sea ports as exit and entry points of transport corridors and informed in this regard about the TENTacle project activities.

China finances the development of transport infrastructure linking it with the rest of the world – including Europe. Poland, located on the crossroad of the TEN-T north-south transport corridor (Baltic-Adriatic) and the New Silk Route, can take advantage of this global initiative, also as a transit country. Polish ‘dry ports’ (e.g. Łódź) and seaports, which are the gateway to global trade, play an active role.

The TENTacle Gdynia pilot case aims to develop an action plan for policy and business development measures enhancing the Gdynia region to become a functional urban transport corridor node. With this, transport stakeholders will have support for using the growth benefits of the TEN-T Baltic-Adriatic corridor, and also the opportunities arising of the New Silk Road and its connection to the CNC.

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